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When to get your catalytic converter checked:

Save yourself trouble down the road

A key component of your emissions and exhaust systems, your vehicle's catalytic converter helps to change some of your engine's more toxic emissions into safer gasses. They are required by law to help reduce smog and improve air quality. Make sure yours is working properly with a quick visit to Mesa Muffler & Accessories.


With more than 68 years of expert repairs, you can count on our team of dedicated muffler and exhaust system techs to quickly identify problems with your catalytic converter and repair or replace it as necessary. Not only will your car, truck, or SUV run more smoothly, but you'll avoid fines, too!

 • The check engine light is on

 • Smoke is coming from the tailpipe

 • Your exhaust system is getting louder

 • The exhaust is hot

 • Reduced gas mileage

 • Sputtering occurs

 • Delays in acceleration occur

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